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The Guardian Society:

Why is the NHS not promoting women in medicine?

BMA blog:

Three minutes to stop and breathe: how an app changed my working life

The start of the foundation years.

Is there a right time for doctors to have their babies?

Surviving medical school guide.

Students don’t mean to be whistleblowers

I’m a doctor now apparently

You don’t need your teacher to be a bully


Bye bye ego, hello better patient care

Kindness that got me through my night shift

GP land over the hills and far away

Being a preferred GP

Sutton Trust

Sutton Trust

Widening participation to Medicine:

Getting into Medicine

The Medical Womens Federation Issue 1 Spring/Summer 2014:


Mentorship and paying it forward

Wet beri beri and shade

Student BMJ:


2014-05-02 17.57.29

Guardian Newspaper




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