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I’m so glad you’ve found me! Maybe you already know me? If you don’t I’ll introduce myself. I’m Salma and this is my blog that I started when I was a medical student a few years ago. These days I’m just starting out as a Radiology doctor.

Along side my full time role as a doctor I have also had the opportunity to write for many medical publications. This blog gave me the confidence to do that so it will always be special to me and I hope to keep going with it as long as I can.

My blog is my creative outlet to discuss things that interest me sometimes relating to medicine and sometimes not.

I have lots of blog posts lined up but I’m always happy to hear about things you would like to see on the blog or ideas you have. Or maybe you want to collaborate. Feel free to get in touch and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Happy reading!


PS: Let’s connect!

Instagram @DrSalmaAslam

Twitter @DrSalmaAslam



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