Identity capital

A few years ago when I was in Medical school I remember listening to a Ted talk called “Why your 20’s count”. It was terrifying and exciting at the same time. Apparently the 20’s were a developmental golden season. A time where you could really make great strides in building your life and working towards your goals.

Building identity capital is doing something that adds value to who or what you may want to me. Focus on the may because really at 20 who knows! May Jay is the awesome speaker from the Ted talk and I still feel I owe her to this day.

Her words and her talk struck such a cord with me. I still listen to that Ted Talk if I feel like I need a little reality check.

With the recent events in the world some people have more time on their hands and there really is no time like like the present to build your identity capital. It doesn’t mean you have to learn a new language and start yoga at 6am everyday but it does mean taking some sort of action towards building the life that you want.

I am reaching the end of my 20’s and when I look back, only now can I begin to see some of the fruits of my labour. Nothing great in my life came overnight and most things came with a lot of hard work. There really aren’t any shortcuts but having some sort of plan (even if its changes) is the first step. The next step is action. So write that e-mail or take that job or start that podcast. Whatever. No one is going to do for you what you can do for yourself. You need to do the work. 

I thank 20 year old Salma for where I am in my life right now. She was a little bit clueless and she defiantly made some mistakes but she tried and tried and tried and eventually from all that trying you get some results. And the failures. Well, are they really failures? Sure I wouldn’t want to repeat a lot of them but I’m bloody glad they happened too. They got me to the next step and the next decision and forced me to shift direction at times.

My hope for the next decade of my life is to keep building my identity capital. To keep refining who and what I want to be and to keep trying to be her.

Until the next post!


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