Twenty-Something Girls vs. Thirty-Something Women

Last night I was suffering with a bout of insomnia so I decided to call on a higher being. Not God or Oprah on this occasion. It was an old Sex and the City episodes on YouTube. Carrie hit me with: “You know one thing we have over women in their 20’s? Cynicism”.

I fee like I caught that one pretty early on in my 20’s to be honest. Just speaking to some friends yesterday, we were reflecting on how we are now compared to years ago. I was saying that I was so bright and shiny before and now I either start off with a neutral or even negative perspective of people (it was overwhelmingly positive before) and then anything I see that I don’t like and I draw the line very quickly with a “yep not my kind of person”.

I never really thought of it like this before but most people approaching the end of their 20’s have been through some stuff. What I’m figuring out is how to stay bright and shiny whilst also being a smart and awake to reality. I know you can do both, surely.

Empathy and boundaries I’m learning are key. It is harder to dislike someone close up. Empathy for their circumstance and a boundary with their interaction in your life definitely help.

The other things girls in their early 20’s have over later 20’s or even 30’s is a lack of fear and consequence.

When I first started writing this blog in medical school, I didn’t care who did (or didn’t) read my blog. 5 views or 5000 made very little difference to what I wrote and at it worked out pretty well for me. Then something shifted. Peoples comments started to stick where they would just wash off me before and slow but surely I stopped writing all together. The words of Elbert Hubbart come to mind: “To avoid critism, so nothing, say nothing and be nothing.”

Everyone has an opinion but I guess the key is recognising that you get to decide how much you take on. Stopping something you love, in my case writing I’m realising is too much of a heafty price to pay.

Until the next post. (There will be a next post.)

Salma xxx


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