one run is all it takes

Sometimes life lifts you higher and higher and other times it can feel like blow after blow. I remember watching a Bollywood film years ago and the main character’s husband has just died and her mum said to her “this is life too”.

This always stuck with me. Thankfully nothing this dramatic happened to me but there was some stuff and I just needed something to go right.

I just needed a win. In very dramatic Salma fashion I signed up for half marathon. It was important to me that my win had nothing to do with work, nothing to do with anyone else and was something that I could do on my own.


Screen Shot 2019-08-08 at 11.58.47.png

I needed a win away from all that stuff. I signed up for the vitality half marathon in London.

I had never run a half marathon or even a 10k before and prior to training I couldn’t even say how far the furthest I had ever ran was. I started with treating myself to a fancy watch from Garmin thanks to some boujee Instagrammers I was following and decided to follow the free Macmillan training plan. On my first run I ran 2 miles and I struggled!

I gave myself 16 weeks, which really turned into 12 week, with a few dead weeks in between back to back night shifts and getting ill in the middle of this. Even if I has slacked in the middle, I always did my long run on a Sunday and took this very seriously.

My training was up and down to be honest. Some days I was smashing life and going for a run before work and other days I missed them. The point though is that it gave me the positive focus I needed and there was a defined outcome that I knew I would be proud of myself with at the end of.

I did the run and it was harder than I had trained for thanks for horrific weather but I did it and it gave me the win I was looking for.

Screen Shot 2019-08-08 at 11.59.03
The end of the race at Cutty Sark

I guess the point am trying to make is don’t underestimate the power of just one win. When things in life feel overwhelming, just try to focus on thing. One win. It doesn’t have to be a massive thing. I was very deliberate in my decision to have one big win because I wanted and needed that but honestly it’s just about a win. Then focus on the next one. You need to build momentum especially when lots of things haven’t worked out. Wins build confidence and help you pick yourself back up.

Thankfully I’m not in the same place I was when I signed up for the race but I still believe in this just one win principle. Today my win was washing all my dishes, cleaning, writing this and going for a run before my oncall for the next 4 days. That’s good enough for me for today. Not every week needs to be a big week, a win is win, even if it is just a clean house!

Until the next post,

Salma xxx


















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