Are we there yet?

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Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about just enjoying the ride. Choosing to take the scenic route through life.

It’s something I’ve know the importance of for a hot minute but I’ve been noticing a lot of reminders around me recently.

I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who is there- well they don’t act like it anyway.

They achieve that milestone, get the thing they want and still it’s not enough. Husband, job, house, exam pass, dream outfit. Whatever. That satisfaction I see never seems to last that long because then new goals are set. Yes we have a nice house but what about a bigger one?

It’s a never ending game of chasing. A journey when you never really arrive at the destination but where you kid yourself into thinking that you will be there as soon as you get the husband/job/house/exam pass/dream outfit/child. But from my observations, it really is an illusion.

When I see people around me getting those things they often don’t react how I would expect. The lyrics thank you next come to mind.

I think our collective problem is that 1- we forget about our struggles and 2-we have destination addiction.

Let me expand. I’ll talk about me for a minute. I worked hard to get into Medical School. I worked for 6 years, was a junior doctor for 2 years, a Radiology cannula monkey for a year and now I’m an ST2.

The other day, I was driving a few hundred miles to start my first set of nights over Christmas and I felt so hard done by. I let myself for a few minutes but I had to reality check myself and remember that I had worked my butt off for this struggle. And here I was feeling bad for myself. Well this was my life choice and not so long ago this was my big goal and here I was doing it and complaining!

A little reminder of my struggle, an attitude shift and suddenly I didn’t feel so hard done by my shift. Also I really like my job, which always helps. If I had to work over Christmas, thank God I was doing this!

Now the second issue I think we suffer with- destination addiction. “I’ll be happy when  I get a bigger house”.

Please see point 1 for the error in this…

Basically, in my waffly way, what I am trying to say is we often ignore all the good looking for the next. And often when we get the next it isn’t appreciated.

This little post is a reminder to me first.

Until the next post,

Salma xxx




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