faith and shadow beliefs

For every doubt I have ever had in my life, when I haven’t been able to rely on myself I have always had faith in God. I call God Allah. You might call it something else. Or maybe you don’t believe in anything. Some believe in a higher being but don’t equate that with any religious beliefs. Anyway, that’s beside the point.

The whole point of this blog post is to talk about shadow beliefs.

We all have belief systems. Some are often more correct than others and some we need to check- we all have that beautiful friend who thinks they are ugly! But there are also the less obvious belief systems. The shadow beliefs we have. The ones that lurk around and are formed insidiously.

For all of my self doubt and inaccurate views of my own ability at times- my shadow belief- that I will always be ok continues to lift me through life. Thanks Mum. I have been listening to your lectures all these years.

As tough as life can get, that really is my core belief and at the heart of that is God. I truly  believe God will always have my back and that faith carries me through life.

This week it carried me through my first ever on call shift.

I did no harm. I was helpful. I learn. And I was bloody grateful to get to finally step into the role of my dream job for a few hours on call.

As terrified as I was- even when my confidence wavers- I know that I will always be ok. I’ve got Godfidence.

Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 01.46.12

That doesn’t mean I think I will never go through difficult times, on call, in life, at home- wherever- that’s just life. But when all of that is said and done I know that I will be ok.

Shadow beliefs are powerful things.

If yours aren’t helpful to you or your life, it really is worth spending the time evaluating them. As much as they can carry you through life, they can also drag you down. And no one needs dead weight in their life.

Until the next post,

Salma x





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