do you boo

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One of the commonest things I notice about people who are lacking confidence is that they don’t realise their own self worth.

Now if this was a trivial things that didn’t really have any life implications I wouldn’t dwell on it but it really isn’t. These past few months I’ve really been struck by a few (mainly female) people I have met who don’t value themselves enough.

The thing that everyone needs to realise in my opinion if that NO ONE can offer what they can and that makes us all unique. And that in itself makes everyone pretty badass in my book. But not considering that and worrying about what Tallula has that you don’t is so disempowering and is the stupidest thing you can do.

Worrying about Tallula won’t help you in any way. If anything it will harm you because you stop focusing on you. It is such an unnecessary distraction and in this social media age we could all do with fewer of those.

So here is my advice. Do what no one else can. Do you boo, and don’t ever worry about anything else.

Until the next post,

Salma xxx



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