Not a very sexy title is it? As far as click bait goes, I think that title is probably the opposite.

Anyway, a short post from me on something that made me think this week, hence I’m sharing it on here because it might make you think to. I was recently discussing poverty with a group of colleagues and one made the interesting comment about spiritual poverty.

I’ve never thought about that before. What did that even mean. My colleague went onto give an example. “A lack of hope is a type of spiritual poverty.”

That statement created such a moment of *oh my God* for me. It really is a thing. I’ve seen it so many times but I’ve never labelled it.

Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 00.35.04.png

It’s not the poverty I think of but it probably is the worst of them all. Hopelessness is a terrible feeling. It makes you feel powerless and redundant to your circumstances and like you can’t affect any change.

By the way, spirituality is different to religion. I know people get funny about religion.

Take this post a reminder from me to me first and them me to you to check in with yourself spiritually. Hopelessness is just one symptom really.

Poverty apparently come in more shapes and sizes than I first thought.

Until the next post!



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