Funny thing we did as med students

Ah to be a medical student. Everything to learn, zero responsibility and a sweet naive attitude that makes every patient interaction so rosy and meaningful.

I miss those days at times and seeing a medical student stand in line the other for coffee the other day made doing something ridiculous we use to do made me smile and made me want to write this blog post. So here it is, my name and shame of the ridiculous thing we use to do as medical students, because I’ve done them all!

1. Making choosing a stethoscope a major life decision

Everyone remembers their first time. First you have to choose which one you want. To go with the urban tribe and get the Classic Littman or risk looking like a douche and getting the cardiology Littman when you probably still wont be able to can’t hear a grade 6 murmur? Then colour selection. To go for what you like or go for how you think people will best perceive you? You might want pink but is pink professional? Will people think you’re a Malibu barbie? But you’re a med student. Black it is then…

Screen Shot 2017-09-30 at 05.06.51
“If we wear black and have black stethoscopes people will think we’re really professional”. GENIUS

2. Wearing your stethoscope everywhere

The day I finally got my stethoscope and the day I graduated were probably the two of the happiest times during medical school. The first time we went into the hospital we were all ridiculous. I’m talking stethoscopes on on the bus to “work” and stethoscopes on during lunch.

The other day (the med student who inspired me to write this) I saw a med student who had come out of the pouring rain wearing his stethoscope. The pride! We were so happy to be in the hospital and the stethoscope wearing felt like a big part of that. Finally the biochemistry scars were fading and we could be actually doctors (in our head)! I’ve seen the happy stethoscope wearing crop up in many unusual places including the train station with hand gel and badge on as well….

Screen Shot 2017-09-30 at 05.06.29
The lunch time stethoscope wearing and pride

3. Unique history taking

The first time we practiced history taking we had actor patients and I still remember the level of horrific we were. Genuine questions we asked the actor are below!

A standard history where we were wanting to know about alcohol intake “are you an alcoholic?”

Where we determined to diagnose pigeon fanciers lung “what’s your relationship with birds?”

Screen Shot 2017-09-30 at 05.57.34
From do you have any shortness of breath to ARE YOU AN ALCOHOLIC?

4. Smiling in A and E

I had major issues. My friend use to have to me to fix my face several times because I was just so happy to be there it slipped my mind that many people weren’t, especially on a Friday night.

Screen Shot 2017-09-30 at 06.01.55
Walking into A&E like

5. 15 hour histories and examinations

In my first ever history I remember writing gets short of breath on way to shops. How far these shops were? No idea. But I knew what her fave colour was. Missed that pleural effusion? Probably. But there was always time to pick up that fungal nail infection that everyone else had missed. Time to go and find the busy F1 of your important examination finding.

I hope you can relate and I wasn’t the only one doing those things!

Until the next post,



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