Thank you


I love my blog but it has been a bit unloved recently. Well that’s a bit far. Neglected is a better word. I will always love my blog.

Working full time as a doctor has had me drained at the end of the day and tired Salma doesn’t write. This week I start later than normal so I thought it would be a good opportunity to put words to life and talk about some of the things that have interested me of late.

Today though, wordpress had other views.

It told me that I had posted 51 posts already and when I had a look at my blog stats I was gobsmacked to see how many of you read my ramblings. (Thousands 😮 ) Even when I haven’t posted anything new.

I have never done a thank you post (how rude of me) so here it is 🙂

If you have been following the blog from the start you will know that I kinda just fell into it. She was born in Surrey when I was staying with my sister and had such a “what am I doing with my life and when was the last time I did something new and scary” moment. I’m sure you can relate. And it was bloody scary. Putting my thoughts out there, unfiltered. But it is great when you start a conversation and people want to talk about what you have written. It’s also quite therapeutic. I once joked to a friend that it was my free therapy.

Starting this blog has opened so many doors for me and I have been lucky enough to write for so many other people including an international newspaper- which I’m still not over. People even approach me now to write for them, who would have anticipated that?!

If it wasn’t for people reading and encouraging me I wouldn’t be doing any of these things.

So thank you.

I hope you continue to keep reading and bear with me if there is a period of silence between posts. I’m still here. I’m probably in the hospital (my permanent residence as a junior doctor) flustered, trying to work through my mammoth list of jobs.

But I will still be blogging and putting my thoughts out there so follow along 🙂

Until the next post,

Salma xxxxx









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