1. the state of being scarce or in short supply; shortage.

Before I decided to write this blog post, I thought that these were all my own thoughts. Turns out that there is a whole body of thought discussing scarcity vs abundance thinking. There are many much more eloquent writing on this topic. This blog point isn’t that but just my thoughts on the topic.

I noticed that I thought differently to some of the people around me. And I had even been told so and sometimes was looked upon as a bit strange.

If we look at medicine for example, if I was going to a great conference or a someone asked me to introduce them to a contact, I would have no issue in connecting them. From what I have seen this isn’t always the “norm”. The way that I look at things, there is enough to go around. If Cindy my colleague is very successful, to me all it means is that Cindy is successful. It has no bearing on my ability to succeed. Cindy being successful doesn’t mean that I can’t be.

The way that I think about things isn’t from a state of poverty. I never think “someone has something so I can’t have it”.Ever. About anything. And if that is how you think then you aren’t going to be running forward to help that person are you? They become your competition and you have less time to focus on your self. I crime in my eyes.

It might only seem like a small a thing, but have a look at how you look at things. It has a bigger impact than you think.

Until the next post.

Salma xxx

thinking in abundance about all the beautiful lobster that was on its way to me
thinking in abundance about all the beautiful lobster that was on its way to me

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