Things Bristol taught me

As I come towards the end of my time in Bristol here is a look back at some of the things I have learned. I was ridiculously ignorant pre-uni! I thought everyone else was just like me…silly Salma…

1- Not everyone from London knows each other. In fact a LOT of them don’t. Shock horror. I’m from Leicester, which isn’t the largest place. Chances are, even if you don’t know the person, you know the school that they went to and probably have some mutual friends. I stood waiting for the “oh yeah, I know her” when two people from London met. It rarely happened!

2. Say goodbye to easily available, GOOD Halal food. Just accept it. It will make the pain easier to bear. (Note: be prepared for the “what is Halal food” question).

Your Halal food is from here now
Your Halal food is from here now.

3. In Bristol it’s “cool” to look like Cara Delevingne. Not Kim Kardashian. Think less ghd and more grunge.

Sorry Kim, you just wouldn’t fit in.


4. In Leicester ripped clothes means ripped clothes. In Bristol, I mean Brizzle, this makes you edgy *cough* *cough*

5. You will have that conversation about Islam, Muslim and Muhammad because it’s all very confusing. One of my closest friends at uni who I have lived with for 5 years is from a tiny village in the South of England and had never met a Muslim person in her whole life. As someone from Leicester, where there is a majority ethnic minority population, this was so shocking to me.

6. If you’re a guy and you wanna fit in. Buy a cap. And wear it backwards. If it’s from Adidas you’ve nailed it. If you’re a girl, get a Longchamps bag.

7. Really posh people will pretend not to be. Sorry Edgar, but no one is buying it. Fam.

8. Get good at Geography. You WILL have that time when you wonder if you are actually from the Midlands or the North. London isn’t the ballpark. Regardless of what people say.

FYI, spot the MIDland in the MIDDLE.
FYI, spot the MIDland in the MIDDLE.

9. Get use to being called my lover by Bristolians. No one is hitting on you. It’s just how they talk.



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