Getting more mileage from the IT dress

We have all been there. We splurge on a fabulous piece of clothing, wear it a few times and then it stays stuck in your wardrobe for too long and you can’t quite bring yourself to wear it again because everyone has already seen it before and it just doesn’t feel new enough.

Well I am guilty of the above anyway.

Whilst I will happily wear my favourite pair of jeans until they are falling apart at the seams (until someone like my mother will have to tell me, ahem, order me to throw them away), there is something about repeating the IT dress.

You know, that dress that you got for your friend’s wedding. Or a big birthday bash. The second time around is never quite as special.

In an ideal world you would able to keep buying a new IT dress but when you’re a student like me you have to be a bit more inventive!

As an aside, I also blame pictures for this repetition issue. Facebook and Instagram mean that if you go out- and upload a picture- which let’s face it, most of us do, everyone, including yourself remembers the outfit. Now whilst it’s nice to have a picture of that time when you looked great (especially when you look like a hobo as I do now writing this) it kills the half life of the outfit.

My solution? A bit of creativity.

The dress in the pictures below was bought from the French Connection shop in Bristol about a year ago in a whim. It was originally £250 but ridiculously reduced. I can’t remember how much I got it for but it was a bargin.

It was quite a popular dress with celebs too. I have seen Dr Leah Totton from the Apprentice 2013 and Lucy Watson from Made In Chelsea both wearing it. (They probably didn’t get it in the sale though!)

The original dress

This dress has seen a lot of transformations.

You could easily make more outfits from this.

1- As it is above in the picture. A pair of heels and you’re good to go.

2- What I did in the picture below was change the outfit by adding sleeves, sewing up the slit and changing the neckline. You can do this yourself if you are able or give it to a tailor. If you aren’t sure where to fine a reasonably priced tailor, a tip would be to check out the Asian areas in your city. A lot of Indian clothes are given to a tailor to be made so there will always be someone who knows someone who can add a pair of sleeves to an outfit or a zip etc.

My changes: sleeves, no slit and a different neckline.
My changes: sleeves, no slit and a different neckline.

I was pretty happy with the results, which you can see above.

I have already worn this twice now and I’m sick of it so my next plan is to add a jackets over the dress. I already have the jacket.  I haven’t put the outfit together yet but will show you in a new post when I have worn it for a wedding next week.

I hope you feel inspired to look at what you already have in your wardrobe and think about how you can change it. You don’t necessarily need to spend more money  on something new. Up cycle what you already have!

Salma xxxxx


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