Waiting for the perfect timing

After my friend finished uni, I went to visit her and she spent the day showing me around the city she had called home for 3 years. It was a glorious day. Sunny skies, cycling, and more food than you can shake a stick at.

“Time to start living my life” she proclaimed.

She had plans. That holiday trip she had always wanted to take. That hairstyle she had always wanted to try out. Quality time with her friends.

Fast forward a few weeks. She landed a job in the city, started revision for exams and that blissful day and those plans were put on the back burner.

She started working on a new plan. The “tick-box life plan” (official name, just coined by yours truly). When the boxes were ticked, she could enjoy life. You can see the flaw.

2015-01-18 13.32.18

For the planners amongst you (hello most of my friends) this list will look pretty familiar. Now, I can’t say I have an issue with planning per se. But it does become a bit of an issue when it interferes with your happiness in the present.

If you are always looking to the next thing that you feel you should be doing you might be missing out on what’s actually happening in your life at the moment. And this time is NEVER COMING BACK.

I think I spent at least 3 years at Medical School being “too busy” to play netball. Or too busy to go and visit my friend. Or too busy to go out. I was so transfixed on “get your degree” that I forgot to live at the same time. So it was really no surprise that I was quite burnt out and not enjoying Medicine at the end of year 3.

Taking a year out from Medicine to Intercalate gave me time I needed to get a bit of perspective and shake myself to say “wake up woman, life is happening now and you’re missing everything”.

So yes. Plan my friends. But don’t forget to enjoy the ride. Whatever you are doing or whatever stage you are at in life. Life IS busy. You will ALWAYS be busy. There isn’t a RIGHT TIME to go and visit that aunty you have been meaning to see. Just GO and do it. I’m not suggesting that you be reckless. If you have an exam on Monday the weekend before probably isn’t the best time to go and do that… BUT you MUST GO because that perfect time doesn’t exist. And ticking all the boxes in the world won’t give you that time either. It’s an illusion. My friends who get married or land that dream job don’t suddenly become fulfilled in life and do all those things they have always wanted to do.

I’m off to book a rock climbing session because, the cliché, there is no time like the present is a cliché for a reason.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend xxx

Enjoying an hour off revision because there is only a massive slide on Park Street once
Enjoying an hour off revision because there is only a massive slide on Park Street once

PS-If you have no idea what I’m talking about then have a look at this http://www.bristolpost.co.uk/Official-video-Park-Street-water-slide-Bristol/story-21058397-detail/story.html


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