Are you happy?

A simple question. But often avoided. Try not to overlook it.

I met someone new a few days ago and she was talking about her daughter. “She got a first but is earning peanuts now”.

“Is she happy I asked?”

“Yes” she replied.

The yes was immediate but the look on her face told me that she had never thought about it like that when to me that would be the first point of observation.

If you are happy. Great. Continue my friend.

If you aren’t try and figure out why.

I took a whole year away from medicine to figure it out and I’m a different person now and so glad that I did.

There can be a lot of noise in life but try and listen to the things that are going well for you and take yourself away from things that aren’t. To not is an injustice to yourself. There is far too much good in the world to be living like that.

Oh and ps, being fine doesn’t count. I was fine for a long time. Who wants to be fine?! No no. We can do better.

Have a great day xxx

Finding my happy in Kenya
Finding my happy in Kenya

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