10 Types of Muslim guys I have met at uni

Never let it be said that “all you Muslims guys are the same”. No no my friend, there is variety. Behold, 10 types of Muslim guys I have met at uni!

1- The bearded one. He won’t talk to you in lectures (he is far too religious for that) but facebook (inbox of course, wouldn’t want anyone to see) is ok. *yawn*


2- The Muslim one who doesn’t want anyone to know he is Muslim (ahem, they can see your name Hussein. Sorry Harry..)

3- The one who prays, five times a day and lets you know it! “Excuse me, I just have to go and make wudu. I need to pray. Insha’Allah. Sister”.

4- The Islamic society activist. This fella is always busy arranging interfaith events and spreading the peace of Islam. Masha’Allah brother.

5- The smooth talker. This “brother” is very aware of his Islamic obligations to his future wife which he is hoping is you. Can he take you for a coffee? He’ll pay. Of course. PS: he loves your eyes. Sister. Wink wink.

He probably has these mugs at home.
He probably has these mugs at home.

6- The confused one. This brother doesn’t know if he is coming or going. To talk to the Muslims or not. To drink or not to drink. Too many choices!

7- The educator. This guy is always spreading the word of Islam on facebook, twitter, Instagram. Anything with an audience.

8- The one who refuses to look at you, at all, because you are female. Even when passing you something. Brother I have feared for your safety at times. Don’t trip!


9- The undercover one. This guy goes out all the time but if his mum asks, he was in the Masjid OK. I repeat. Masjid. Praying Tahajjud…

10- The genuine one.

Obviously No 10…

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