What successful people do

Recently, I’ve become one of those people on Instagram who use to annoy me. You know. The quote people. The “Hello Monday, I’m winning” type. If you’re not in that head space this post may bug you too. Sorry about that.

For me self improvement is a continuous process going hand in hand with continuous reflection. You need to know what is going on before you can better it.

If you have read my other posts you will know that I’m a thinker (or an overthinker!)

I’m going to share a few stories (all true) from my life and what they have taught me about success. I wish I had known these things at the time but veering off course always makes you re-evaluate more than plain sailing.

Lesson #1 Take chances

During intercalation (a year away from your medical degree into the final year of another degree) there was an opportunity to be “class rep”. It involved liaising with staff and so forth, but the main advantage was to be able to write on your cv that you had arranged a conference.

I was considering putting my name forward for this role. Why not I thought. Over lunch that day some were interested but there were at least two who were pretty clear they weren’t.

Roll forward a day later, we all receives an e-mail. “Since you have all expressed an interested in the role, we feel the fairest thing if for you to all write a little about what you will bring to the role and there will be a class vote”.

In a class of over 10, only 3 people went on to put their name forward. I wasn’t one of them.

Laziness, the belief that I wouldn’t get the role, lack of confidence? What stopped me? I honestly can’t remember but I do remember looking back and thinking I missed an opportunity.  And I was right.

Success isn’t about winning all the time it’s about trying all the time. In the scenario above I didn’t even try. Take a chance!

Lesson #2 Don’t give up

I am at Medical School and at the time for intercalation (see above if you don’t know what this is) it was a competitive process.

Two people I know applied. Both were rejected. One responded with “oh, I’m obviously not good enough”. The other sent a strongly worded e-mail back asking why they were rejected. One friend got a place the other didn’t. No points for guessing which one.

I’m not telling you to write an aggressive e-mail to everyone who says no to you! I mean to show you that not everything is black and white. You don’t have to accept every no. Question it. You never know you might get lucky and if not you haven’t lost anything by trying.

Lesson #3 Work hard

Some of the most successful people I know all have a strong work ethic in common. The more you put in, the more you get out. It’s a cliché, but for good reason.

So there you go, my 3 lessons on success!

Have a look at the “successful*” people in your life and study what they are doing. Everyone around you can be a teacher.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Feel free to share it and share with me your tips for success.

*PS: I know I haven’t defines success. This is deliberate. It is different for all of us but look at who you find successful and let them be your teacher.


Says it all really.
Says it all really.

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