Inspirational Women part 3

Today Aawaz interviews the woman who is juggling it all. My dear friend,  Azna Bader.


Why I chose you

You have two beautiful children, a husband, a house, in-laws and you own family but you still make time for your friends and your studies. Hats off to you. You are doing it all. And with a smile on your face.

Tell us a bit about you..

I am a 22 year old mother of two, a wife, a daughter, a daughter in law, a sister and a student; not forgetting a friend to some amazing girlfriends! It can all see a little chaotic at times but thanks to the almighty God, they are all interlinked and somehow I survive! I enjoy my busy schedule and dread to think what my life would be like without my two little monkeys. I’d say studying keeps me sane, as it allows me to focus on the future; giving my sons the best I can and also by showing myself and others that I am not just a stay at home mum.

What are you most proud of?

I am most proud of my little family, they keep my going and keep me focused when I feel like I can not cope anymore. I am also chuffed that I manage to pray my daily prayers even with screaming children!!

What advice would you give 10 year old Azna?

Probably not to let words of others put you down, as everyone’s lives turns out completely different to how you expect them to be or want and also not to take things to the heart too much!


Aawaz would like to thank Azna for taking the time to be interviewed.


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