Inspirational Women part 2

Today this blog series looking at inspirational women is profiling my friend, Saira Hussain.
Why I chose Saira
You the kind of Muslim I want to be. You are fully practicing but you still fully participate in activated with all of your friends Muslim or not. You just make it work and at the same time you spread such a positive message about Islam with your non-judgemental outlook. A great ambassador.
Tell us a bit about you.
I’m a recent audiology graduate from the University of Bristol and now pursuing a Master’s. I like travelling and taking in the wonders of the world; the culture, the language, the FOOD! As Salma said, I’m a muslim, and religion is important to me – I don’t think I’d be where I am, or who am without my faith.
What are you most proud of?
I can’t say I’m proud of one specific event in life, (but graduation was a pretty good one). I do, however, think my optimistic nature is a pretty good trait. It means that I always look on the bright side of life, especially as the world isn’t always a very bright place.
What advice would you give 10 year old Saira?
Just be you and things will work out; stay happy, be positive, work hard, and care – good things will come to you.
Aawaz would like to thank Saira for taking part in this blog series.

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