The fake Fendi lifestyle

I have been to meals with friends that were markedly average but if you look back at the pictures it looks like we had a cracking time and this is the image we put out to the world.

Filters, makeup, clever photography. It’s all part of it.

And I’m not excluded in this fakery.

If I look at my Instagram pictures I look like I have an amazing life.

I always have nice clothes on, always go out and eat amazing food. Clearly these are just the highlights in my life and not my actual life. In real life I don’t see my friends and family half as much as I would like to. I definitely do NOT look good most of the time and my food depends on how much time I have.

Other people are the same I’m sure. No one’s life looks as good as their representation of it. We’re all just trying to put out best foot forward. Like going for an interview. You show the best version of you.

I know that and so do you but there is something about our subconscious. I feel like even though we know the reality (this amazing picture is the results of makeup, good clothes, lighting etc) we don’t really register these things. Or me at least anyway.

That’s why the no makeup selfies were such a shock to me. I thought I woke up looking like me and everyone else like their Facebook profile picture. Days of “oh my god is that her” set me straight.

Before the internet you knew who you knew. You saw the people who lived close to you and that was it. Now a day’s thanks to the internet you can get blow by blow accounts of someone’s life living in Dubai or Paris or LA. It’s inevitable that you look at that and you compare it to your life.

I’m not sure how healthy this is. This constant bombardment of “self congratulatory” Facebook status, you know the “I passed” “he put a ring on it” or “smashed it” and Instagram pictures of “my fabulous life” must be having some sort of effect. And I’m pretty sure that it is more negative than positive. Even if we don’t see it at the moment.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go Instagram a picture of my tea….

It’s like a fake Fendi. It looks amazing to everyone else. But you know the truth.

One thought on “The fake Fendi lifestyle

  1. every good thing will have some sort of disadvantages but then again as they say “nothing is ever perfect”. With the progression of technology lifestyles change globally,that has been happening for centuries and will of course keep happening. As you’ve mentioned people are so much into their smartphones and internet that they might even lose the basic communications skills (maybe the younger generation from next few years or so) my four year old nephew has full knowledge of using smartphones,tablets or laptops but he is slow to learn how to behave among human beings e.g guests,friends.

    How mostly people put their statuses or pictures on social networking sites is of course not their actual life..who would put an ugly picture of themselves atleast not
    me. Everyone has time to tweet or put statues on fb but no time to ring mother or the loved ones to check if they are okay.

    I read somewhere once “using something to it’s extreme will never be good”,this could be possibly be implied in how we use such devices or sites. Use it don’t abuse it,hit the gym rather then editing body pics and instagraming it,go to the park rather then plaing ps3 all day..tweet but don’t forget how to communicate when a sweet old lady says good morning to you in the morning the morning time.

    I need to tweet about this 🙈


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